Check a Non-Personal Voicemail Inbox

To access a non-personal email and voice mail, users must have permission to access the voicemail and email inbox. 

If you do not have permission to access the shared email and voicemail yet please have the owner of the shared account contact the IT Service Center to submit a request to have you added. 

For information on how to access a shared mailbox please see: Email: How do I access a shared mailbox by Outlook client and by Office 365?

To listen to a voicemail, users will need to:

  1. Open the voicemail message in the Inbox for the account they need to check 
  2. Click on the attached .wav file and listen to the message through their computer. This can be through speakers built into their computer, speakers attached to their computer or headsets that they use with their computer.

NOTE: Users will no longer be able to send the message from their computer to their office phone through the “Play on Phone” button as the functionality will no longer work.
If users want to play voicemails on their smartphone, they can do so by clicking on the voicemail through their Outlook App on their smartphone.

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