FACULTY: How do I get started with BSU’s license of Poll Everywhere?

Use the following steps to get started in using BSU's campus license of Poll Everywhere, our academic tool for creating and deploying class polls, surveys, quizzes, and more.  

Step One - Register

To set up your Poll Everywhere Presenter account, contact the Teaching & Technology Center at ttc@bridgew.edu​. Our team will send an automated registration email to you with guidance on logging in with your BSU user credentials, including links to training resources.  The TTC is also glad to provide a one-on-one tutorial.  

Step Two - Create an Activity & Share

  1. Once logged in to your Poll Everywhere account, click the Activity button on left then select New Activity.
  2. Select the question type you would like to use, and fill out the question details in the fields provided below.
    When creating a poll, presenters can also choose which answer is correct.
  3. To finalize your poll activities, click the Create button.
  4. On the preview page of the poll, under the Configure section, click the Audience restriction & identity heading.
  5. For 'Who can participate', select Restrict to registered participants only.
  6. For 'How do you want to identify participants', select With their registered name and email.
  7. Click the Test tab on the presenter page for a preview of the poll as it would appear on a web browser or mobile device.
  8. Click the Send tab to view presentation instructions and links for sharing and embedding the poll.
    - The response link can be shared so that participants can respond asynchronously, even when the poll is not activated.
    - The PollEv page link can be used to present the poll to a live audience. The link will only display the poll that is currently activated.
    - The live results link can be shared to reveal responses in real time.

To integrate Poll Everywhere with your Blackboard grade center, see this knowledgebase article.

For more information about Poll Everywhere, you may review the Instructor Guide and share the Student Guide with your students. 

You can also schedule a one-on-one tutorial with the Teaching & Technology Center or view a past Poll Everywhere webinar recording

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