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FACULTY: How do I get started with BSU’s license of Poll Everywhere?

Review this article to learn how to get started in accessing BSU's campus license of Poll Everywhere.

FACULTY: How does the scoring work in Poll Everywhere's Competitions game?

Discover how the scoring works for Poll Everywhere Competitions games.

FACULTY: Where is my Poll Everywhere tab in PowerPoint on my classroom computer?

Use these troubleshooting steps on to enable Poll Everywhere in Microsoft PowerPoint on your classroom computer.

FACULTY: How do I export Poll Everywhere responses to the Blackboard Grade Center?

Use this article to learn how to export Poll Everywhere student responses to the Blackboard Grade Center.

FACULTY: How do I embed Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint or convert PowerPoint into Poll Everywhere?

Use this article to embed a Poll Everywhere into a PowerPoint or to convert a PowerPoint into a poll.