FACULTY: ULTRA: How do I use a random block test pool in a quiz or test?

If you use random blocks of questions from your test banks to make quizzes or tests, you can still do so in Ultra. Follow the steps below to set up a random block test:

  1. Click the plus icon (+) in the folder or module where you want your quiz.
  2. Select Test from the menu under Assessment.
  3. Click the + icon to start adding questions, and choose Add question pool.
  4. Select the source (Another assessment or a question bank).
    1. The right hand section of the window will populate with questions after you choose.
  5. Check off a selection of questions or click Select All at the top, then click Add Questions.
    Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Choose the number of questions from the selection you'd like each student to receive (should be lower than the total number of questions) and click Save.
  7. Change the point value if necessary, then save again
  8. You may now change any other settings and give the test a name, 

We also recorded a video with these steps (no sound): https://somup.com/c0Qh2BAkqX



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