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Review this article if your professor is using Respondus Lockdown Browser or Respondus Monitor this semester.
This article will get you started with generating test questions and question banks using generative AI.
If you use random blocks of questions from your test banks to make quizzes or tests, you can still do so in Ultra. Follow the steps below to set up a random block test:
Premade questions can be easier to use to create a test, survey, or question pool in Blackboard courses. Find out how to upload questions for tests.
Follow these guidelines to start and submit an assignment.
Use these instructions to gather details about the student losing access to their exam.
If you create additional assignments or tests in Alta after you’ve imported your common cartridge to Blackboard Ultra, you can import them individually.
Discover how to create a new question bank from existing test questions within an Ultra course and copy question between Ultra course sites.
Use these instructions to properly format a Word document to use the Blackboard Test Generator tool.
Use these instructions to learn how to format a Word document and use the Blackboard Test Generator tool to convert it to a Blackboard test.
Use this article to learn how to add exceptions or additional attempts to assessments for students.
How to print a test page from WEPA