FACULTY: ULTRA: After grading student assignments, why does "New Submission" still appear in my Ultra gradebook?

If you've been grading students' assignments in the Ultra Gradebook and the "New Submission" text will not disappear, here's a quick fix to ensure that it no longer appears going forward:

The culprit: Using the oval on the right when entering grades.

The solution: Use the oval on the left!

The Explanation: 

  • During the grading process, in the top area of your screen where you have the ability to enter a grade, use the oval on the left, not on the right, to enter the student's score.  After typing in the score, it will also appear in the oval on the right.  As long as you use the oval on the left, the "New Submission" text will disappear from your Gradebook

  • The oval on the right is for overriding grades; essentially, anything you type in there will override the existing grade. Only use it if you need to manually change a previously entered grade.

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