FACULTY: What is Respondus Lockdown Browser and how do I get started using it in my Blackboard course sites?

Respondus Lockdown Browser

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment within Blackboard. When you configure a Blackboard exam to require LockDown Browser, students will be unable to take the exam with traditional web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari,  access other applications, or use features like copy/paste and screen capture. 

Refer to the below video for getting started with the Respondus Lockdown Browser for Blackboard Ultra. You can also refer to Blackboard's Getting Started Guide for more information.

Students will need to download the BSU version of Lockdown Browser to take your exams. Students can download that software on the Respondus Download Page.

If you have a student who requires an accommodation through Student Accessibility Services, or who does not have the minimum technology requirements, there is a work-around solution for students in need.  ​Respondus generates a random password in the Test Options area of the exam.  You can copy that password and share it with select students.  Please contact us at ttc@bridgew.edu​ with questions.​ If you are trying to exempt a student, please read our KnowledgeBase article about Lockdown Browser exemptions


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