FACULTY: ULTRA: Optimize Video Sharing in Blackboard Ultra Using OneDrive

As we strive for equity and efficiency in our courses, the TTC would like to share a simple yet impactful tip for handling video content in your Blackboard Ultra course sites. Instead of having students download large video files, consider hosting your videos on OneDrive.

Here’s why:

  1. Reduced Download Burden: When videos are hosted externally, students won’t need to download large files. They can simply stream the content, saving time and bandwidth.
  2. Accessibility: Hosting videos on OneDrive ensures accessibility for all students, regardless of their device or Internet connection. Plus, the Stream player on OneDrive provides the ability to auto-generate captions for better inclusivity.
  3. Easy Sharing: You can easily generate shareable links to your videos. You can add web links to your course sites or share links with directly to avoid navigating through Blackboard, if preferred.

How to Host Videos on OneDrive:

Link to Videos on OneDrive:

  • Upload your video to your OneDrive account.
  • Right-click on the video file and select Share.
  • Choose the appropriate sharing settings (e.g., Anyone with the link, People in Bridgewater State University organization, or specific recipients).
  • Copy the link
  • Go to your Blackboard Ultra course and Create > Link in the Course Content.

Embed OneDrive/Stream Videos in your Blackboard Ultra Course:

  • Navigate to where you'd like to add the video in your Blackboard Ultra course.
  • Hover between the sections and click the purple plus sign, then choose CreateUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • From the menu on the right, click Embedded Cloud Document.
  • Sign in to Office 365 with your BSU credentials to access your OneDrive folder.
  • Select the video you'd like and click the blue Select button.
  • Once the video shows in the Blackboard Ultra course site, click the Save button.

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