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How to change the Login Username for Skype for Business iOS App

How to switch user accounts in Skype for Business App on an iOS device

Notification that Office 365 Audio Conferencing has been turned off

Users receive a notification when their account is migrated to the on-premise server for Skype for Business/ Voicemail.

Conference Session Invites Need to be Resent

Due to the migration to an on-premise server, all conference invites will need to be resent with updated conference phone number information.

Deleting Groups on Skype

You may experience that all your groups may appear to disappear if you remove one group.

Getting error when removing contacts in Skype for Business

Information on the error "Cannot add, remove, or move contacts or groups at this time. Please try again later."

MAC User's Desktop won't Share in Skype for Business

MAC users cannot allow windows using contacts to view their desktop in Skype for Business. It is not supported with the on-premise service.

Popup Blocker Prevents Sending Chats in on-line version of Office for on-premise Users

The first time a customer uses the Chat function in Skype for Business in the Office Online Suite, the popup blocker will prevent the chats from working.