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COST: Is the student charged if the printer jams?

If the printer jams while printing a document, does the student still get charged for the page?

COST: Add funds to your WEPA account.

When a student runs out of their $25 allocation, how can they add WEPA printing funds?

COST: How much does WEPA printing cost?

WEPA print costs per page for residents and commuters

COST: Refund for a defective printout

Can I get compensated for defective printout(s)?

COST: When is a document printout considered a charge?

At what point in the printing process do students get charged for their printed documents?

How to Login on

Directions to login to the Wepanow page

How to Release your document at a WEPA Kiosk

How to release your documents at the WEPA kiosk

How To: WEPA file upload printing method

How to upload files to and print from the webpage.

Install WEPA Print App on Mac

How to Install WEPA Print App Drivers on a MAC

Install WEPA Print App on Windows

How to Install WEPA Print App Drivers on Windows

Print from the WEPA Mobile App (Apple iOS and Android)

Directions to print from the WEPA Mobile App (Apple iOS and Android)

Tech Help: Error message "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages Error"

Info regarding a WEPA kiosk printer error message "Collate Fail: Too Many Pages" and fails to print the print job.

Tech Help: How to Change the Drums in the WEPA Color Printers

How to change the image drums on the Color WEPA Printers (OKI C712)

Tech Help: WEPA Test Page at the Kiosk

How to print a test page from WEPA

WEPA Acceptable Use Policy

BSU WEPA Acceptable Use Policy for academic printing

WEPA kiosks Up and Printing?

How students can ensure that the printer is up and running before heading to the printing locations.

WEPA Print Sustainability

Being mindful of the impact printing has on the environment

WEPA Printer Locations

WEPA Kiosk Locations and printer types (color/b&w)

WEPA Printing via Email (Email to Print/ETOP)

How to use the WEPA email-to-print (ETOP) service.

What devices can print to a WEPA kiosk?

Devices that can print to a WEPA kiosk

What is a WEPA Print Code?

WEPA print/confirmation code